ESG Research Roundtable, Rosenberg Equities

A discussion on diversity as a competitive advantage & the future of data.

How data can drive better outcomes

At our inaugural ESG Roundtable on 25 October 2018, Rosenberg Equities discussed two important areas of our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) research, and how we can use data to improve the risk and return profiles of our portfolios:

  • How diversity can preserve and drive future profitability - Kathryn McDonald, Head of Sustainable Investing
  • The future of data - Alexander Ions, Head of Alternative Data Research

Is diversity a competitive advantage?

Kathryn McDonald discusses how gender diversity in the boardroom can help provide a ‘profitability moat’.

New research from Rosenberg Equities suggests that diversity can act like a protective moat, enabling some highly-profitable firms to withstand competitive forces such as pricing competition and strains on talent retention better than their peers. Our research shows that the level of board diversity is not only associated with better current financial outcomes, but may also be a predictor of a company’s ability to protect future profits.

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