Responsible Investing

At AXA Investment Managers, we believe Responsible Investing can deliver sustainable, long-term value for clients and create a positive impact on society. This has underpinned our work in developing investment solutions that incorporate ESG considerations across all asset classes.

We are fully committed to becoming a leader in Responsible Investing (RI) and supporting sustainable financial markets.

"We believe that RI can offer our clients greater risk-adjusted returns over the long term. To achieve this, we integrate global ESG research into all asset classes and allow investors to choose the level of ESG integration that best meets their objectives."
Matt Christensen, Global Head of Responsible Investment

Our Responsible Investing team conducts ESG research that informs investment decision-making and active stewardship practices in order to increase our clients' long-term financial returns and ESG performance - such as reduced CO2 emissions or improved human capital management.

Responsible Investment is one component of our commitment to corporate responsibility.