Sustainable Equity

Advanced factor investing for sustainable outcomes

Putting our clients at the centre of solution design, our sustainable equity strategy seeks to address client needs for efficient, sustainable, cost effective exposure to equity markets.

Developed and managed by Rosenberg Equities, our quantitative equity team, our sustainable equity strategy is one of our family of Advanced Factor strategies.  

What is factor investing?

Factor Investing aims to offer investors a cost effective and transparent way to improve risk and return by capturing specific equity characteristics such as quality, low volatility, value and momentum.

Few asset managers put ESG (environmental, social and governance) beliefs at the heart of their investment philosophy, but our commitment is such that we have integrated ESG criteria into our core investment process across all of our strategies.  We are committed to a more sustainable form of equity investing and believe that this will deliver better investment results in the long term. Find out more about Rosenberg Equities and ESG.

Reasons to invest in Sustainable Equity

Our Sustainable Equity strategy seeks to generate sustainable long-term returns for clients, while mitigating equity market risk:

  1. Forward looking, outcome-focused approach - designed to avoid exposure to poorly compensated equity risk
  2. Diversifies intelligently - not market capitalisation weighted
  3. Fully integrated ESG – to help reduce risks and deliver sustainable long-term value
  4. Low volatility* - blends factor exposures, Low Volatility and Quality, to help deliver robust performance over full economic cycles
  5. Relatively low cost - relentless focus on minimising fees/transaction costs
  6. Transparent – a sophisticated yet straightforward solution that facilitates performance and risk understanding.


Why consider our Advanced Factor approach?

Anchored in company fundamentals our advanced factor approach offers investors a potentially better way to invest in equities than traditional passive or low volatility approaches:

  • Harnesses Rosenberg Equities' detailed fundamental analysis and proprietary factor insights
  • Uses value-added proprietary data and machine learning technology which we believe improves investment outcomes
  • 15 years' experience managing outcome-oriented, global portfolios that target desirable fundamental features**


Potential risks associated with this strategy

  • Market risk and risk of loss of invested capital
  • Equity risks
  • Risks linked to global investments
  • Risks linked to systematic methods and modelling

* Relative to the standard global equity universe
** Source: AXA IM as at 30 June 2019, since 2004.

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