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Rosenberg equities

22 July 2019

Global Factor Views

The global economy continues to deliver modest growth on the back of a resilient US. Elsewhere, macroeconomic data has been disappointing, with the Eurozone, UK and China all showing signs of weaknes ...

Rosenberg equities

09 July 2019

Diversity in Earnings Calls

In this note we analyse quarterly earnings calls for evidence of commitment to and progress in creating diversity.


14 June 2019

Coal phase out: The investment case

Coal has no meaningful role to play when it comes achieving the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement. Right now, it remains an important part of the energy mix, fuelling base-load power stations across ...

Rosenberg equities

12 June 2019

Go against the flow

Investing in lower volatility stocks can help preserve wealth in falling markets; we believe it can be an important allocation to have, and particularly relevant for investors with one eye on the end ...

Rosenberg equities

29 April 2019

Perspectives Global Equities - Q1 2019

The start of the year saw most major indices recover with double digit growth after a disappointing fourth quarter of 2018.


20 March 2019

Mind the gap: Digging into the diversity data challenge

The world has never had access to more information. But it seems the more data we have, the clearer the gaps get.

Rosenberg equities

20 March 2019

Why earnings matter

Rosenberg Equities’ core investment belief is that earnings matter. Why? Because we believe that future earnings and fundamentals ultimately drive share prices.


08 March 2019

Why it’s time to stop thinking of gender diversity as a zero-sum game

Anne Tolmunen, Portfolio manager, AXA IM Framlington Equities, Kathryn McDonald Head of Sustainable Investing, AXA IM Rosenberg Equities and Marie Fromaget, Human Capital and Diversity Analyst, AXA I ...

Rosenberg equities

08 February 2019

Global Factor views 2019

We believe that global macroeconomic growth will modestly decelerate in 2019.