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Iggo's insight

12 July 2019

Yield not equal to return

Bonds have sold off a bit this week, but I believe that the bull market remains in place. Global monetary policy is about to be eased yet there are reasons to be relatively relaxed about the near-ter ...

Fixed income

12 July 2019

Q2 2019: Lower rates, slower growth

With trade tensions being the largest threat to the macro outlook, investors are looking to central banks to provide support. So far, central banks have indicated their willingness to provide easier ...

Iggo's insight

05 July 2019

Here Comes the Summer

Bond returns are being driven by expectations of monetary easing and an unerring search for yield. The result is yields that are increasingly falling below policy interest rates. This may only revers ...


02 July 2019

Chasing yield: Bond liquidity in a post-crisis world

There has been no shortage of press coverage on financial market liquidity in recent months, with at least three examples of asset managers experiencing difficulties with the management of mutual fun ...

Responsible investment

01 July 2019

A lifetime of gender inequality: What investors can do

Investors’ focus on diversity has principally centred on female representation in the board room. But in this research paper we study the dynamics of gender inequality throughout a woman’s entire wor ...

Iggo's insight

21 June 2019

Lower rates, no recession

Navigating through all the noise out there, it seems the most sensible expectation that investors should have is described by “lower rates but no recession”. Central banks were more dovish again this ...

Research & Investment Strategy

21 June 2019

June Investment Strategy: This war talk’s spoiling all the fun

The US economy is still strong, whereas the Eurozone shows weakening signs

Responsible investment

20 June 2019

Impact investing: Developing a drug to help eradicate River Blindness

The objective of impact investing is to simultaneously deliver both financial and societal returns. These two criteria are not conflicting but are both demanding. The financial targets are not token ...

Responsible investment

14 June 2019

Coal phase out: The investment case

Coal has no meaningful role to play when it comes achieving the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement. Right now, it remains an important part of the energy mix, fuelling base-load power stations across ...