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Fraudulent last issues

AXA Investment Managers is committed to the security of its customers and proactively responds to any such threats. Find out more about anti-fraud here.

If you are concerned about any potential fraud, please contact AXA Investment Managers directly, the appropriate government agency or your nearest police station. You may also email us or forward suspicious emails to

Fraudulent use of AXA IM name - August 2016

AXA IM would like to warn the public and our clients of possible fraudulent use of its name or logo by individuals who may have stolen the identities of its top management or staff, or those pretending to act on AXA IM’s behalf. Please exercise caution before carrying out any investment or funds transfer for which you may be solicited.

Fraudulent activity - November 2015

It has been brought to our attention that investors and potential investors are being contacted by people claiming to be from AXA Investment Managers and who try to persuade them to invest with them. They may contact you by telephone or by email with links to bogus websites.

The products they try to sell might even have official sounding names like AXA Corporate Bonds (we do not have any funds by this name).

Please be advised that you if have been the recipient of a fraudulent request or communication, the communication which you have received regarding an offer to invest was not initiated by any AXA Investment Managers entity or AXA Investment Managers employee. (Please note Mr Gerald Harlin is not an employee of AXA Investment Managers).

You are the victim of an attempted fraud and are in communication with individuals who may be attempting to learn your personal and banking details for criminal or illegitimate purposes including theft.

We strongly advise that you cease all communications with the individuals regarding this fraudulent offer and alert your bank and local authorities if your personal information has been divulged.


Fraudulent investment proposal - August 2015

As a result of the security controls that AXA Investment Managers employs, we have been made aware of a fake investment proposal that has been circulated by Mr Rufino Fabrizio, who claims to work for AXA Investment Managers in Paris.

Customers should be aware that this person is not associated with AXA Investment Managers in any way.