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Investor thinking

18 September 2018

Securitisation - Prudence not paralysis

■ Securitisation helps diversify the funding base of an economy, enabling banks to raise further financing, reduce borrowing costs for consumers or support more lending.

Investor thinking

26 June 2018

Investing in credit: Building robust portfolios for the long term

Institutional investors have long been investing in credit. The current credit cycle fuelled by the inflation of Central Banks’ balance sheets has however provided a relatively easy ride to credit in ...

Investor thinking

13 April 2018

Harnessing the unique characteristics of CLO Equities for a credit portfolio

The annualised performance of CLO equity in the 10 years to the end of 2016 (16.7% on 2005-2007 vintages) surpasses that of many other asset classes including private equity (10.0%), equities (6.9%), ...

Responsible investment

01 March 2018

Your guide to responsible investing

It’s little surprise that there has been plenty of confusion about Responsible Investing (RI). Much of the terminology around the concept can be jargon heavy and as a result, many investors could be ...

Investor thinking

26 February 2018

Investment opportunities across the Credit Continuum

The basic purpose of lending is to finance the economy. Funds flow from those who have a surplus to those who have a shortage or a need. Lenders (i.e. investors) are able to charge a premium based on ...

Investor thinking

01 February 2018

Investor Thinking - CLO Equity: pools of opportunity at the bottom of the CLO cash-flow waterfall

Investors in the equity tranches of Collateralised Loan Obligations (CLOs)1 assume the highest share of risk of all CLO tranche holders.

Real assets

31 August 2017

Add Value and Diversification, through Value-Add

AXA IM - Real Assets believes the current real estate market is favourable for value-add strategies in Europe.

Investor thinking

19 September 2017

Investor Thinking - Managing the FX basis risk

There are good reasons why UK pension schemes should look to diversify their sterling corporate bond portfolios into foreign corporate bonds.

Investor thinking

01 September 2017

Investor Thinking - Where the clock ticks: the dutch residential mortgage market

In the Netherlands, the spread of mortgage rates over government bonds, their long duration, low default rates and low capital charge has attracted new, long-term institutional investors to the marke ...