Impact Investing

Transform tomorrow with a new generation of impact solutions

What is impact investing?

Impact investing is leading the way in the RI evolution. Impact moves beyond ESG integration in portfolios and recognises that through innovative financial solutions investors’ capital can be put in motion towards greater social utility while aiming to generate market equivalent returns.

Matt Christensen, Head of Responsible Investment, says: “Impact investing solutions focus on financing innovative businesses and projects that are designed to have intentional, positive, measurable and sustainable impacts on society and the environment, while simultaneously delivering financial market returns.

“As an active practitioner in impact investing since 2013, we have seen substantial market growth over the past five years - in both public and private markets - creating a deeper and broader opportunity set.”

“The environmental and societal challenges the world faces today are of a scale that requires ambitious collective action and we believe this rapid expansion and development is set to continue and indeed accelerate in 2019 and beyond.”

Impact Investing: achieving a positive balance in challenging times

Matt Christensen discusses how the UN SDGs became the most notable investment acronym of the year: watch the video below to find out more.

Read the video transcript here.