Iggo's insight - See the light

Stock markets reached record highs before the Thanksgiving holiday.

RI - Green bonds: How active management aims to make the most of a dynamic sector

The market for financing linked to environmentally friendly projects and companies is heading rapidly towards the $1trn mark.

Iggo's Insight - Hoping to give thanks

Markets want to trade with cyclical hope but we might be back in a wait-and-see regime for a few weeks.

Iggo's insight - Say goodbye, say hello

It seems we might have reached the point when it is reasonable to expect that growth will extend beyond online shopping, communications, payments systems and distribution businesses.

Six asset managers call on French large caps to establish action plan to have at least 30% women in executive management teams by 2025

Six asset management companies representing nearly 3 trillion euros in assets under management – Amundi, AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM), La Banque Postale Asset Management (LBP AM), Sycomore...

Macrocast 67 - Deep purple?

If after the January 5th run-offs in Georgia the Democrats still don’t control the Senate, President-elect Biden will have to try to follow a “purple pathway” on economic policy to address “secular...

Iggo's Insight - And the winner is....

It’s been a fascinating US election so far, as we all thought it would be. Fears of a presidential meltdown at the prospect of losing appear to be materialising before our eyes.

AXA IM named as the top investment manager in Europe committed to responsible investing

AXA IM retains its position as the number one asset manager committed to responsible investment in the Hirschel & Kramer (H&K) Responsible Investment Brand Index 2020.

Iggo's insight - The trade-off

Comparedto the spring we have higher economic activity today even with much higher coronavirus cases.

Why a Biden presidency will transform the Global green bond market.

In July, presidential candidate Joe Biden announced plans to spend $2 trillion to progress the use of clean energy in areas including transportation, electricity generation and construction over...

COVID-19: Accelerating the energy transition and driving climate-friendly investment opportunities

Six AXA IM ESG experts assess whether the Covid-19 crisis will help accelerate the energy transition and outline what they think the investment implications will be.

Iggo's Insight - Go for growth

The economy always plays a role in how people vote. Prior to the coronavirus crisis, the economy had performed well under Trump.

AXA IM launches onshore Global Strategic Bond fund for UK investors

AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) announces the launch of the AXA Global Strategic Bond fund, an onshore version of the successful global fixed income strategy it has been running for the past nine...

Iggo's Insight - Second lock

The increased number of positive COVID-19 cases across Europe has led to some restrictions on social mobility being re-imposed.

Tomorrow Augmented COVID-19: Accelerating the energy transition and driving climate-friendly investment opportunities

Global lockdowns have had a positive impact on the environment. But will the crisis help accelerate the transition towards renewable energy, and what might the investment implications be?

What risks does increased focus on ESG pose to fossil fuel and tobacco stocks?

Fossil fuels is the biggest contributor to the greenhouse gas emission and therefore to the rise in the global temperatures.

Iggo's Insight - No V in earnings

Social distancing seems to be affecting the ability of Premier League defenders to defend. Governments are closing bars and restaurants.

RI - Impact Engagement Principles Delivering on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

AXA IM believes that significant positive societal impact can be generated
through listed assets investment strategies.

Iggo's insight - Covid hits WH

The symbolism of President Trump testing positive for coronavirus will not be lost on market participants and economists.

Macrocast 61 - Gravity wins in the end

Traditional macro indicators are pointing to a relapse in Europe – but the situation in the US is also fragile.